Cathodic Corrosion Protection for Cables and Wires

Cables and lines with cathodic corrosion protection are special cables that are designed in such a way that the material used is protected from changes caused as a result of contact with the surrounding materials. Rust is the most commonly known form of corrosion. Corrosion is, however, also something which occurs in medical technology for example. The term is used in connection with the decomposition of tissue.

Irrespective of where and for what you need corrosion-resistant cables and wires, we are able to develop the corresponding cable that you need. During the development of the cable, we can call upon a special partner network, within which we have been able to turn even the most unusual requirements into a reality.

What is Cathodic Corrosion Protection?

Cathodic Corrosion Protection is an electro-chemical protection process. During this process, direct current is conducted through the metal surface to be protected and cathodic polarisation occurs. This has the result that metal ions can no longer simply remove themselves from the metal surface.

What can Scherer Kabel offer you?

Scherer Kabel can develop cables and wires which are corrosion resistant using the "cathodic corrosion protection" process. When doing so, we do not use any electric wires from stock; we instead confine ourselves in this case to the redevelopment and adaptation of existing developments in order to meet your particular individual requirements. This means that we only supply exact, specialised custom-made products, and not just off-the-shelf products.